About Us

Peebles Homes is a third generation builder that has been building and remodeling beautiful homes in the Dayton area for 40 years. Their knowledge, experience, and longevity in an ever changing industry assures customers that they will have a quality home that will meet their needs and lifestyles. 

Their mission is simple; offer quality homes, while containing costs so their customers dreams turn into reality. Tom and John understand the industry and what you, the customer, expect in the design, construction, and quality that goes into every Peebles Home.

Peebles Homes is not a company of many employees that makes you feel disconnected from your home building experience.  When you build a home with Peebles Homes, you are able to work personally with Tom and John throughout the entire building process.  From the design phase, to the construction phase, and even after you move in, Tom and John will work with you one-on-one.

Tom and John are active members of the Dayton Area Home Builders Association and a member in good standing of the registered builder program.  In 1995, Tom served as president of the Home Builders Association and was picked by his peers as “1994 Builder of the Year”.  Tom was also awarded the prestigious McDaniel/Zengle award by the HBA of Dayton in 2010.  John was elected to the Board of the Home Builders Association in 2012 for the years 2013-2016 as the At-Large Builder Member.